Academic Programs of Study

Aerospace Engineering B.S. African American Studies B.A.
American Studies B.A. Intercultural Studies (AMS)
Native American Studies (AMS) Puerto Rican Studies (AMS)
Anatomy Anthropology B.A.
Architecture B.P.S. Art B.A., B.F.A
Art History B.A. Athletics
Biochemical Pharmacology B.S. Biochemistry B.S.
Biological Sciences B.A., B.S. Biophysics B.S.
Business Admin. B.S., B.S./M.B.A. Chemical Engineering B.S.
Chemistry B.A., B.S. Chinese
Civil Engineering B.S. Classics B.A.
Greek (CLA) Latin (CLA)
Religious Studies (CLA) Clifford Furnas College
Communication B.A. Communicative Disorders and Sciences B.A.
Comparative Literature Computer Science B.A., B.S.
Cora P. Maloney College Counseling and Educational Psychology
Dance (THE) Economics B.A.
Educational Org., Admin., and Policy Electrical Engineering B.S.
Engineering Physics B.S. English B.A.
English as a Second Language Environmental Design B.A.
Exercise Science B.S. French B.A.
Geography B.A. Geological Sciences B.A.
German B.A. Health Behavioral Sciences
History B.A. Industrial Engineering B.S.
Italian B.A. Japanese
Judaic Studies (CLA) Korean
Learning Center Linguistics B.A.
Mathematics B.A., B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S.
Media Study B.A. Medical Technology B.S.
Medicinal Chemistry B.S. Methods of Inquiry
Microbiology B.S. Modern Languages and Literatures
Music B.A., MUS B. Nuclear Medicine Technology B.S.
Nursing B.S. Nutrition
Occupational Therapy B.S. Pharmaceutics B.S.
School of Pharmacy Pharmacy B.S.
Philosophy B.A. Physical Therapy B.S.
Physics B.A., B.S. Physiology
Polish Political Science B.A.
Portuguese Psychology B.A.
Russian Social Sciences Interdisciplinary B.A., B.S.
Environmental Studies (SSI) Cognitive Science (SSI)
Health and Human Services (SSI) Legal Studies (SSI)
Urban and Public Policy Studies (SSI) East Asian Studies (SSI)
Sociology B.A. Spanish B.A.
Statistics B.A. Teacher Education/BRIET
Theatre and Dance B.A. Undergraduate College
Women's Studies B.A. World Languages Institute
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